7 Amazing Ways To Get Out Of Salary Depression By Make Some Extra Income

I know the feeling, I have been there as well, that feeling you get when you compare your paycheck with your responsibilities and go ‘oh boy! How can I swing this?’ It can get really depressing really quickly especially for regular employees who are family men or women or are looking to save up some money for some big project.
Sooner or later we all begin to consider the question of ‘how do I increase my income?’.
I must warn you that it is way easier to stick to a regular paycheck and just ‘cut your coat according to your size’, as they often say, but if you have a bigger dream and want to make that expansion then you have to be ready for the extra strain.

There are a number of practical things you could do to make some extra cash, if you are willing to take the chance. They will not all work for everyone, but something should work for you.
Here goes;
1. Try Freelancing
Freelancing is probably the most common route people take to getting some additional income and with the internet boom it has been popularized and a variety of tasks that can be done freelance online now exist. This is good news.

I took this route myself when the regular paycheck was no longer cutting it, freelancing writing was my escape, sites like; eHow, and Livestrong will pay by the article for articles on tech, business and even how to bake bread. You don’t have to be an expert writer to freelance, you just have to know the topic well… have some experience and an article editor.

Sites like fiverr and Upwork will set freelancers up with clients who want their services in categories beyond writing like, graphic design, web developing, sales and marketing, copywriters, translating etc…possibilities are endless.

Having a strong linkedIn profile signifying your freelance role and a strong network will also increase your chances of getting clients directly.
2. Get Your Crafty Side On
Do you knit, bake, make jewelry or create letterpress items? These are good ways to make an extra buck while still swinging a job. I remember my mum coming to me once and telling me about how she wanted to start making plantain chips as the paycheck was no longer swinging it.
I encouraged her and though it felt like ‘little money’ at first, she soon realized that ‘big monies’ were made up of an aggregate of ‘little monies’. Her little side project was taking care of virtually all petty house needs.

My only advice here is that you be good at what you do, you can sell your wares on stores near you or in places like Etsy, Cargoh, Craft Foxes and other such sites.
3. Become A Driver
I know you have a dream of starting a large taxi and car renting company someday because you just love driving, but in the meantime, if you have some wheels and some spare time, then you can earn extra money shuttling around those without wheels through Uber and Lyft.
This way you increase your income and stay on the path to realizing your dream.
4. Rent Out Some Stuff
My usual suggestion to people who don’t have very much spare time on their hands is to find if there is anything that they can rent out; a coveted parking spot that you don’t always use, (this works well especially in crowded cities) or an extra bedroom.
Services like Turo and Getaround even let you rent out your vehicle by the hour. So why not?
5. Find Seasonal Work
Holiday staffing or lifeguarding are all seasonal work options, jobs like Snow shoveling and amusement park work, tutoring, gift wrapping, package delivering also work just as well. The advantage is that these are low commitment jobs and can be done sparingly according to your schedule.
It’s a win-win situation as employees want flexibility and you do too.

6. Get Neighborhood Jobs
Walk dogs, wash cars, babysit, work as a bar tender or get paid to run errands.

7. Work As An On Site Manager
You can start making a side income as an on-site manager for apartment building owners who live out of town. The advantage of such a deal is that usually you will earn a spot to live rent-free hence reducing your expenses while increasing income.
Different things work for different people, share what worked for you in the comment section.

Let’s go make that side cash shall we…

Chidike Samuelson

Chidike Samuelson is a lawyer, writer, Entrepreneur and business consultant. He also does quite a fair bit of relationship counseling. He writes passionately about business, lifestyle and relationships in His unique way. He is the founder and Chief Editor of the Couch Mentality and has also been featured in Top sites such as Entrepreneur.com, Born2invest.com, Modestmoney.com, foxnews.com and ctpost.com.

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