Sticks, Stones,Rags and Rubbish 1

Chidike Samuelson

Chidike Samuelson is a Lawyer, Writer, Entrepreneur and Business consultant. He also does quite a fair bit of Relationship Counseling and Business Management Counselling. He writes passionately about Business, Lifestyle and Relationships in His unique way. You can find His Works on Prestigious sites like, Huffpost and He is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Couch Mentality

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4 Responses

  1. Uche David says:

    the truth just as deducted from the above is within everyone of use lies that which we need to succeed look within

  2. Jennipher says:

    Hmmm. Truly inspiring. So real and detailed.
    The pictures too😃😀😊

  3. Lady Myra says:

    Wow, Barrister this is a great nature lesson . Oh! This is good. Stones, sticks, rags and rubbish,#2s2r# God turning my mess into a message. I believe! God bless you. Sir for this word of hope. The pictures rock better than you rock that chair, l love them by the way.

  4. Ginikachi Ginikachi says:

    No excuse is good enough.

    If we look within and about, we will always see what to start with.

    It was a captivating read.

    Well done.

    Aye, I need a corner.

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