8 Things To Tell Your Teenager about Crushes 💔💔

Ginikachi Nwaebiem Onyenukporo

Ginikachi Nwaebiem Onyenukporo

Ginika Nwaebiem-Onyenukporo is a Lawyer, Teens Coach & Counsellor. Research Enthusiast. Writer, Jesus Lover, Wife and Mother. She has a Specific passion for young people with peculiar emphasis on Teenagers. She is the Convener and Founder of the Teenage Tent, a body founded to help Teenagers sail through the temptations, troubles, urges and foibles of that stage of life unhurt and intact. Ginny as We refer to her in The Couch Community is Loved for her raw passion, the power on her delivery and the exactitude of her message. You can Follow Ginika on Facebook @https://web.facebook.com/ginikachi.nwaebiem

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