ABOUT US A little litany about our literary angles...

As a Kid I always Had questions, I always sought solace in the embrace of great conversations and I was one of the lucky ones who had a wise dad (I mean I still have one).
I would always walk up to Him as he sat on His favorite couch.

The discussions we had from the couch were the most intense, enlightening and often entertaining conversations I ever had. Wisdom changed hands and I always stood up wiser.

I have come to identify the couch with wisdom, counsel and great conversations about anything worthwhile.

The Couch mentality is a Unique community as we try our best to foster the best conversations and entertaining content  anywhere on the web on topics that matter and we do it in such a way that you instantly feel at home; like you are enjoying a conversation on the couch in your living room with your best friend.

To fit in here, you have to have a “couch mentality” and by that I mean, lean back and take everything on the chin. it could sound hard, funny or even downright preposterous to you, but if it is true and wise, we would probably say it anyway. simply put, We are your best friend on the web…. faithful are the wounds of a brother…

We sample the best content on all relevant issues,


Heck! if it makes any sense we will probably share it.

We have one general rule, make sure you enjoy yourself! we reserve other rules for our contributors.

That being said, Welcome!

Put on your couch mentality and let’s take a ride shall we!

Warm Regards
Chidike Samuelson
Editor-in-Chief, Couch Mentality